bOrgCast Episode Compendium- Season 1 of TNG

Because we didn’t originally intend to do Season 1 of TNG for reasons of repetition in Peter’s case, and taste in Anne-Marie’s beard-loving Riker case, we’ve been covering them in a rather spaced out fashion in the midst of our coverage of the rest of TNG & DS9.

Behold your guide to finding season 1 TNG eps:

Date 1st Episode Title 2nd Episode Title Cast No
2nd Nov 2013 Encounter At Farpoint 1.0
15th May 2016 The Naked Now Code Of Honor 1.1
21st July 2016 The Last Outpost Where No One Has Gone Before 1.2
15th Dec 2016 Lonely Among Us Justice 1.3
26th Nov 2015 The Battle Hide And Q 1.4
23rd Feb 2017 Haven The Big Goodbye 1.5
Datalore Angel One 1.6
11001001 Too Short A Season 1.7
When The Bough Breaks Home Soil 1.8
Coming Of Age Heart Of Glory 1.9
The Arseanal Of Freedom Symbiosis 1.10
Skin Of Evil We’ll Always Have Paris 1.11
26th Dec 2013 Conspiracy The Neutral Zone 1.12

(If there’s no date given, I’ve yet to schedule that far ahead)