Resistance is futile. You will be Org-similated!

They are the Org. Their mission is simple: to assimilate and report on "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine". And to drink beer. Lots of beer.


bOrgCast 10.13- Proper job Winn

Anne-Marie and Peter round off S5 of DS9 with In The Cards and Call To Arms. If you want to check out Dimbosama’s radio show on a Wednesday, 12-3pm go to Next time we begin S6 with A Time To Stand and Rocks And Shoals, recording Friday 1st December. New feedback address-

bOrgCast 10.12- Little Morn

Blaze Of Glory and Empok Nor get the Anne-Marie and Peter treatment. I wonder which tune they’ll play out to? Episodes 8 & 9 of Disco will be covered at the start of the next two week, and then Wednesday 15th November, they’ll be looking at In The Cards and Call To Arms. Feedback-

bOrgCast Disco 7- Purple death balls

Covering Magic To Make The Sanest Man Go Mad. Is Peter still driven mad by Discovery? Does Anne-Marie still love it? And why didn’t they use the Bee Gees original ffs? Answers in this latest blast of madness from the orgs. DS9 service is resumed on Thursday as they cover Blaze Of Glory & Empok Nor.…

bOrgCast 10.11- How Martok got his groove back

The Klingon-heavy episode Soldiers Of The Empire pleases Anne-Marie, but you’re left in no doubt about her feelings on Children Of Time (rant warning). We’re planning on covering the next two episodes of Discovery on the Monday or Tuesday of the week they air, then it’s on to 10.12, looking at Blaze Of Glory and…

bOrgCast Disco 4- He tasks me

A cheeky little bonus feedback episode whose main purpose in life is to get our numbering system on track- thank you to Jack Woodgate and PieMan for rendering such an important service. Normal service resumes tomorrow night (16th) with episode 5 covering… episode 5 of Discovery. GET IN! Feedback-

bOrgCast 10.10- Threatening purple thing

Returning to S5 of DS9, Anne-Marie and Peter evaluate Ties Of Blood And Water and Ferengi Love Songs. Next week we’re hoping to record some reactions to ep 4 of Discovery at the beginning of the week, and the next full episode will be recording on Friday October 20th, and will be looking at Soldiers…

bOrgCast Disco1

Anne-Marie and Peter talk over their initial responses to Star Trek Discovery’s first two episodes, and one enterprising regular feed-backer gets in on the act too. We may well record something similar next Tuesday, after episode 3, so feel free to send in your thoughts too-

bOrgCast 10.8- Unprawnable

Anne-Marie and Peter see ‘By Inferno’s Light’ and ask ‘Dr Bashir, I Presume?’ Next time, recording Wednesday 20th September, we look at ‘A Simple Investigation’ and ‘Business As Usual’. Feedback-

bOrgCast 1.6- Underground bumker

We flash back once more to S1 of TNG, with two ‘classics’, Datalore and Angel One. Will Anne-Marie’s liver recover? Next time, recording Thursday 10th August, we return to S5 of DS9 with The Darkness And The Light & The Begotten. Feedback-  

bOrgCast 10.5- Finding Doreen

The Ascent and Rapture get the bOrgCast treatment from Anne-Marie and Peter. Next time, recording Friday 28th, they go back once more to S1 of TNG to look through their fingers at Datalore and Angel One. The horror. The horror… Feedback-  

bOrgCast 10.4- W*nk Man

Who is this new superhero? What is he doing on Risa? Why is Worf acting so strangely? And how has the President of the Federation become the same person as Colonel West? Some of the questions posed to Anne-Marie and Peter as they cover Let He Who Is Without Sin and Things Past. Next time,…

bOrgCast 10.3- Fan-ish joy

Anne-Marie and Peter struggle there way through The Assignment, but then are rewarded with Trials And Tribble-ations. Next time, recording Friday 30th June we look at Let He Who Is Without Sin and Things Past. Feedback-

bOrgCast 10.2- Dusta Boobz

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The weird titles start to kick in with Looking For par’Mach In All The Wrong Places, and Nor The Battle To The Strong. What will Anne-Marie and Peter make of them? Our next cast will look at The Assignment and Trials And Tribble-ations, recording Sunday 11th. Feedback- borgcast@geekplanetonline,com

bOrgCast 10.1- Pants bants

Anne-Marie and Peter give their views on the trailer for Star Trek Discovery, then look at the first two episodes of season 5 of DS9, Apocalypse Rising and The Ship. Next time we’re Looking For par’Mach In All The Wrong Places, and Nor The Battle To The Strong. Recording Friday 2nd June. Feedback-

bOrgCast 9.M- V*ginus of Borg

Anne-Marie and Peter embrace their inner bOrg, covering TNG’s 2nd movie outing, First Contact (that one). Next time (recording Friday 19th) they begin S5 of DS9, looking at Apocalypse Rising and The Ship. Feedback-  

bOrgCast M2- Fire Extinguisher Drinking Game

The second of our holiday specials, following Christmas’ coverage of Star Trek VI. But which movie will Anne-Marie and Peter be covering? And just how drunk will they get? The usual movie-watching provisos apply- the audio experience will have the addition of the ‘occasional’ thumping of pint glasses on the table, the sounds of the Dorg…

bOrgCast 1.5- Tequila

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Fuelled by the Mexican wonder-drink, Anne-Marie and Peter make it through 2 more S1 TNG eps, Haven and The Big Goodbye. Next time, recording Friday 10th March, we return to DS9 season 4 with Hard Time and Shattered Mirror. Feedback-

bOrgcast 9.9- Who does the hoovering

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Anne-Marie and Peter give their verdict on the new Emissary in Accession, then buckle in for yet another court-room drama in Rules Of Engagement. Next time it’s another of our trips back to S1 of TNG with Haven and The Big Goodbye being ticked off the list of missed-out stories. Recording Friday 24th February. Feedback-…

bOrgCast 9.5- A close shave

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How will Anne-Marie & Peter find The Sword Of Kahless? And will Our Man Bashir still be spy-tacular? (Sorry) Next time (recording Tuesday 13th December), we return to S1 of TNG to pick up another couple of early episodes: Lonely Among Us and Justice. Though Anne-Marie is determined not to cover the latter. How will Peter…

bOrgCast 9.2- Sultana C*ck

Borgcast Cover Art 300x300

The Visitor and Hippopotamus Hippocratic Oath are our next S4 DS9 episodes, with Anne-Marie and Peter in good spirits following Destination Star Trek. Next time, recording Wed 2nd Nov, we look at Indiscretion and Rejoined. Feedback-

BorgCast 8.13- Joran Duran

Borgcast Cover Art 300x300

Will season 3 go out with a bang or a whimper? Anne-Marie and Peter find out as they cover Facets and The Adversary. Next time (recording Wed 5th October), we’ll be covering Season 4’s feature length opener, Way Of The Warrior. Feedback-  

bOrgCast 8.11- It was all yellow

Borgcast Cover Art 300x300

The Die Is Cast leads to a row about the colour of an admiral’s uniform (because Anne-Marie and Peter always argue about the important things), and Explorers provides some light relief and a goatie for Sisko. Next time (recording Wed 7th September) we look at Family Business & Shakaar. Feedback- borgcast@geekplanetonline,com

bOrgCast 8.10- Sex hat

Borgcast Cover Art 300x300

Aka- Changeling, Taylor, Soldier, Spy. Anne-Marie and Peter go Through The Looking Glass again, then discover more about the Improbable Cause. After a three week break for summer holidays, we return on Thursday 25th to cover The Die Is Cast and Explorers. Feedback-

bOrgCast 1.2- Jive Geordi

Borgcast Cover Art 300x300

Anne-Marie and Peter brave the first season of TNG once more, with the introduction of the Ferengi in The Last Outpost, and The Traveller in Where No One Has Gone Before. Will Anne-Marie’s sanity be tested to the limit by Peter’s completism, or will there be a mutiny? Next time, recording Thursday 4th August, we…

bOrgCast 8.9- A Quantum of Cobblers

Borgcast Cover Art 300x300

Anne-Marie and Peter watch the Visionary and hear Distant Voices, before it all descends into karaoke. Next time (recording Thur 24th) we’ll be travelling back to S1 of TNG and travelling to The Last Outpost and Where No One Has Gone Before. Feedback-

bOrgCast 8.7- Badger tangent

Borgcast Cover Art 300x300

Will Life Support and Heart Of Stone be saved or ruined by their Nog-heavy B plots? Anne-Marie and Peter find out. Next time, recording Thursday 23rd June, they look at Destiny and Prophet Motive. Feedback-

bOrgCast 8.6- TrumpTown Riots

Borgcast Cover Art 300x300

Anne-Marie and Peter travel back to the Bell Riots which take place, er… in 8 years time at date of recording, as they cover Past Tense parts 1 and 2. Next time, recording Tues 7th June we look at Life Support and Heart Of Stone. Feedback-